What is a Bone Broth fast?

Full of protein, glycine, collagen, essential vitamins and amino acids it is no wonder why Bone Broth has been used as a natural healing elixir for generations, supporting a healthy gut, clear skin and joint health to boot.

Fasting can be a great tool for your body to help reset it’s natural digestive rhythm. By giving your body a break from the strain of digesting heavy and often processed foods it can focus on its digestive process, maintaining energy levels and rebooting your metabolism.

A Bone Broth Fast combines the benefits of short-term or intermittent fasting with the nutritional benefits of drinking bone broth.

As the name suggests this means taking a break from eating solid foods for up to 24 hours and instead sipping on organic beef bone broth or free-range chicken broth throughout the day (from 2 – 5 cups).

What makes a bone broth fast different is that in maintaining a fast and consuming very little calories it allows you to consume a vast array of essential nutrients. In this way you are giving your body a break while also giving it the protein, vitamins and electrolytes it craves and in turn helps to maintain energy levels and curb your appetite whilst giving your digestive tract time to reboot.

And as you may know and definitely can imagine you are much more likely to stick to a fast if you aren’t irritable, fatigued and starving. But don’t panic a fast doesn’t need to be for 24 hours it can be as little as 4. Small changes can make a big difference and the hardest part is taking the first step. Start by pushing your breakfast back as late as possible, sipping on the Bone Broth to curb your appetite and for those low on energy help give you important electrolytes and nutrients. Why not start tomorrow?

If you need more support why not try our Gut Rest. We’ve designed a 2 week program starting with a fast to help reset and reboot your digestive system, with hacks and tips from Ossa to help you on your gut health journey.