As a nutrient rich elixir there is no better time to consume Organic Bone Broth than when you are pregnant.

During pregnancy, your microbiome (also known as gut flora) is not only crucial for your health, but for your baby’s health as well,  as what you eat and consume feed and fuels your baby.

Good gut health in expectant mothers provides the baby with access to a range of the nutrients available from the mother’s diet. On the contrary, if a mothers gut is not healthy, then the nutrient absorption can be compromised. In turn, this means that the nutrients available for fetal development can also  be restricted.

In her book Primal Moms, Peggy Emch says that: “Supporting your body through pregnancy may be one of the most vital tasks for a woman in the lifetime.”

More than just nutrient rich for your gut health,  Bone Broth can help increase collagen formation which can help increase your skin elasticity and decrease stretch marks from the inside out. In this way Bone Broth makes a great staple in a prenatal diet.

Furthermore, pregnant or post-partum mums need adrenal support and a morning cup of Ossa’s The Bone Broth can help build your immune system and nourish your adrenals. It provides many benefits not only to you but also to your body in building a child over the nine month period. The benefits of organic bone broth include :

–    Anti-stress and healing properties

–    Promoting healing (which is great after childbirth)

–    Helps improve quality of sleep

–    Improving insulin sensitivity

–    Promoting digestive health and reducing gut inflammation

–    Reducing joint pain

So, to all the new mum’s to be out there – try having 1-4 cups of Bone Broth a day and feel the benefits of natural food!