Think You’re Cut Out For Doing Organic Bone Broth? Take This Quiz:

1)Do you feel bloated at least once a week?

2)Do you suffer from varying degrees of IBS or stomach cramps after eating, whether it be an apple or a full heavy meal?

3)Do you often feel uncomfortable in your clothes?

4)Are you relying on empty calories to nourish your body?

5)Do you take many supplements but don’t feel the benefits of them at all?

6)Does your skin break out often?

7)Do you get rashes that are often unexplained?

8)Do you suffer from an autoimmune condition?

9)Do you suffer from psoriasis?

10)Do you have adult eczema or does your baby have eczema?

11)Are you intolerant or allergic to some or many foods or food groups?

12)Does your baby/toddler/child get a rash around their mouth when they eat?

13)Do you have dry scalp?

14)Do you feel tired often when you are sleeping well.

15)Does your hair feel brittle and weak?

16)Do your nails chip or break?

If you answered yes to 3 of the above your gut health could be in need of some attention. Like with any journey your  progress to optimum gut health starts with the first step. Try incorporating more clean, nourishing fats into your diet (I love this book! ) using The Tallow and The Bone Broth as the base for your diet. Start with one small step and the change you see will make you wonder how you ever coped with so many ailments before. Ailments that are NOT NORMAL no matter how much we justify them with “I’m bloated because I ate a big meal.”