Do you suffer from a leaky gut? Tried many things to try to heal your gut but nothing seems to work? Did you know that the organic bone broth can be a great sealant for the gut?

What is a leaky gut?

« Increased intestinal permeability » or a “leaky gut” is a condition that a lot of people are struggling with even though they don’t always know about it. This condition occurs when the lining of the digestive tract gets damaged. Things that can usually not go through the lining can now go through such as bad bacteria and undigested food particles. This can lead to symptoms such as joint pain, fatigue, food sensitivities, digestive problems.

To start healing your leaky gut, you could try incorporating Organic Bone Broth into your everyday diet. This can be either free-range chicken broth, or organic beef broth. Bone broth promotes internal healing. It also regulates bowel movement and acts as a broom for the digestive system.

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